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biterScripting (TM) Installation Instructions

These installation instructions can be followed on any Windows system.
  1. Make sure you are logged in to your computer with administrative permissions.

  2. Make sure biterScripting is NOT already running, either in Interactive or in Batch mode. Attempting to reinstall biterScripting while it is already running will invalidate previous biterScripting installation.

  3. Download biterScripting installation module from here . Save it in a temporaty directory such as C:/Temp. The installation module is called 'instbiterscr.exe' .

  4. The installation module needs to go to internet for two reasons - to check for latest installation components, and to obtain a serial number. If you think any of your firewall or other program may prevent this, turn them off temporarily. (Do not forget to turn them back on once the installation is complete.)

  5. The download completes rather quickly. 'instbiterscr.exe' is a small module. With high-speed internet access, the download should complete in about one (1) minute. So, make sure you don't check the 'Close when download completes' check-box.

  6. Once the download completes, your system may ask you if you want to Run the downloaded module or Open Folder. Select Open Folder.

  7. If the system does not present you with the Open Folder option automatically, open the folder where you downloaded the module manually.

  8. Right click on the downloaded installation module ('instbiterscr.exe') and select Run as Administrator. It is critical to run the installation module as Administrator.

  9. Depending on your system setup, you may be asked a question similar to following - The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software ?, or Unknown Publisher . This is perfectly normal. As long as you downloaded the installation module from, it is the correct installation module. Click Run.

  10. When running, the installation module will first check for the latest installation components, and download them as necessary.

  11. You will now be shown a screen that asks for your email address. Please enter a valid email address. You will receive your installation serial number at this address. Click the Continue button.

  12. Next, you will be shown an Agreement. Please read it, check the 'I accept the Agreement' button and click the Continue button.

  13. The installation module will connect with the server, get a serial number for you and show you the serial number. You don't need to enter this serial number anywhere, just make a note of the serial number for your reference. Then click the Continue button.

  14. Next, the installation module will begin installation. The biterScripting modules will be placed in the directory C:/biterScripting. This directory is solely for biterScripting's use. For example, this directory is used to pass data from one command to the next. Do not make any changes to this directory. You will be shown a warning to the same effect. Click the Continue button.

    (Note that a separate directory will be created at C:/Scripts. You can make any changes to and within the C:/Scripts directory.)

  15. The last screen is where you will see a message showing successful installation . The installation is complete at this point. The installation module has created an icon on the desktop called biterScripting (TM) Interactive which you can double-click to start the interactive version of biterScripting at any time.

  16. An instance of biterScripting has already been started by the installation module. Help is available with the use of the help command. You can use the help command in any one of the following ways.


    Will show a list of available help pages.

    help topic

    Will show the help page on topic.

    help -s word1 word2

    Will search the available help pages for word1, word2 and display a list of relevant help pages. To search help pages for an exact phrase, include the phrase in double quotes, such as, help "my phrase".
You are on your way to using biterScripting already. Good luck ! We wish you many productive and fruitful sessions with biterScripting.

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