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  Help Page - batch

( Some help pages may not display correctly in html because those help pages may have sample code
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All help pages, including this help page, are available in biterScripting with the help command. )

System Feature batch Purpose Use of the program in batch mode (also called non-interactive, command line, or console mode). Aliases None. Syntax C:/biterScripting/biterScripting.exe <script_file> [ -c ] [ -i <input_file> ] [ -o <output_file> | -oo <output_file> ] [ -e <error_file> | -eo <error_file> ] [ [<var_name> ( <var_value> )] [<var_name> ( <var_value> )] ... ] Arguments <script_file> Path or name of the file that contains the script to be executed. If the -c option is specified, the script file is assumed to be in compiled (binary) format. Without the -c option, the script file is assumed to be in the source (text) format. <input_file> Path or name of the file from which input is read. <output_file> Path or name of the file to which output is sent. If the -o option is used, the output is appended to the file. If the -oo option is used, the output is written over previous contents of the file. <error_file> Name of the file to which errors are sent. If the -e option is used, the errors are appended to the file. If the -eo option is used, the errors are written over previous contents of the file. All file names can be either relative path names or full path names. All file names/paths must be enclosed in double quotes. Forward variable assignment (FVA) is performed using the var_name and var_value. See help page on script command for more details. Stream Input Same as script command. Stream Output Is not written to screen. It will go to <output_file>. Stream Error Any errors are listed here. Again, this stream is not written to screen. It will go to <error_file>. Description biterScripting can be used in batch mode for a non-interactive operation. biterScripting can be invoked in batch mode from your operating system's command line, or from a web server. It can also be executed in batch mode from any other program that supports batch mode or a program that you have developed yourself. The script in the script_file is a collection of commands. See the help page on script command for details. The script_file may call other (sub-) scripts in turn using the script command. This allows for your code to be organized in small, manageable sets of functionality. The biterScripting executable is available in C:/biterSCripting/biterScripting.exe Restrictions This feature is available in WEB-SERVER VERSIONS ONLY. It is also available in Free Trial Version. Depending on your operating system, and where you are invoking the batch mode from, you may have to specify options and arguments inside double quotes. Valid Examples C:/biterScripting/biterScripting.exe "myscript.txt" -o "out.txt" -e "err.txt" Will execute the script myscript.txt. The output will be appended to out.txt Any errors will be appended to err.txt. C:/biterScripting/biterScripting.exe "SS_FindStr.txt" -o "C:/out.txt" -e "C:/err.txt" dir("C:/Myproject") files("*.html") str("Copyright") The above is an example of passing arguments to the script using FVA (Forward Variable Assignment). It uses the sample script SS_FindStr. It will list instances of string "Copyright" in files whose names match "*.cpp" in directory "C:/Myproject". Output will be listed in "C:/out.txt". Any errors will be listed in "C:/err.txt" Invalid Examples C:/biterScripting/biterScripting.exe This instance of biterScripting is invoked without specifying a script file. An interactive mode execution will begin instead of batch mode execution. C:/biterScripting/biterScripting.exe /path/to/myscript.txt This is invalid since the script file name or path is not enclosed in double quotes. C:/biterScripting/biterScripting.exe "myscript.txt" This is not quite invalid. However, since output and errors are not redirected, they will be lost, unless the commands in the script myscript.txt are redirecting their output and errors to files. See Also script input output error

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