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biterScripting (TM) FAQ

  1. When installing biterScripting, I get an error similar to "Failed to get Serial Number" or "Internet connection failed". This happens every time. What can I do ?

    The biterScripting installation module needs to connect to biterScripting servers. It is possible that your operating system is blocking this connection. To avoid that, do the following.

    • When downloading biterScripting, save the installation module (instbiterscr.exe) in a temporary directory, such as, C:/Temp.

    • Using explorer or a sytem viewer, go to C:/Temp (the directory where you downloaded installation module - instbiterscr.exe). View the properties of file instbiterscr.exe by right-clicking on it. If you see a check-box that says "Unblock", check that box.

    • Right-click on file instbiterscr.exe again, then select "Run As Administrator". This will start the execution of the installation module, in administrative mode.

    If you are still having problems during installation, please contact us by clicking here. Please tell us exactly what error or errors you are getting.

  2. My free trial license has expired. What can I do ?

    Redownlod and install another free trial copy of biterScripting. All your scripts will remain intact. Your startup script (C:/Scripts/startup.txt) will also remain intact.

    When installing biterScripting, it is always a good idea to follow installation instructions here .

    After installing biterScripting, please do not make any changes to the C:/biterScripting directory.

  3. I want a script in biterScripting language developed for me, based on my requirements. What can I do ? itself does not develop customized scripts based on user requirements. However, you should be able to find several companies and free-lance developers/engineers/programmers on the web, who are experts in biterScripting scripting language, and who can develop customized scripts for you for a fee.

  4. I am getting errors similar to the following.

    Argument is neither a str constant nor a str variable nor a str expression.
      Double quotes may be used to explicitly specify str constants (no evaluation will take place).
      Parentheses may be used to explicitly specify expressions (which will be evaluated).

    What are these errors from ?

    Because biterScripting allows command arguments to be specified flexibly using constants, variables, operators, expressions, etc., often times, operators (such as /, *, =, +, -, etc.) appear on the command line. Some times, they are intended to be evaluated, such as when you intend to perform a division operation using the forward slash (/). Other times, they are not intended to be evaluated, such as when you are specifying a full path with the forward slash (/). Instead of making a guess as to what the user's intension is, biterScripting produces the above error. The error indicates to the user to make his/her intention explicit.

    When you enclose something in double quotes, it tells biterScripting that it is a constant, NOT to evaluate it any further, and pass it as it is, to the command.

    When you enclose something in parentheses, it tells biterScripting that it is an expression, to evaluate it, then pass the resulting value, to the command.

    So, in summary, parentheses mean evaluate, double quotes mean don't evaluate .

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